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DESIGNER for those who want a circular future. 

Circular Design

How can you create circular design in industry?


Cathryn has experience working with a range of different partners - large and small - to explore what circularity and recyclability means in practice. 


Design consultant

Cathryn has worked with a range of different organisations providing talks, workshops and expertise across both design for recycling and circular design. 

On the ground, in the factory exploring yarn spinning, non-woven production or other forms of manufacturing is the best way of exploring recycled and circular textile design. Cathryn works with a range of clients including Open-As-Usual, and Really. If you are interested in any of Cathryn's expertise please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



Cathryn has created a range of proof-of-concept products from fashion to interiors to explore her recycled materials in a commercial context.  


If you would like to collaborate with Cathryn to develop products with her recycled materials please get in touch and keep your eyes peeled for new on upcoming collaborations...

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Collaboration Opportunity 

Cathryn Anneka Hall is looking for a

  • knitwear designer or

  • small brand


that would like to use the recycled yarns created during her PhD. 

Anneka Textile
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