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EDUCATOR for the circular designers of the future 

With an in-depth knowledge of circular design, developed at Centre for Circular Design (CCD), Cathryn has taught sustainable textile design and supervisors students across Graduate Diploma, Bachelor and Master level. She previously co-ran the UAL short course - Design for Sustainability Fashion and Textiles and she has done many talks and guest lectures on her specialist area Design for Textile Recycling, including the webinar on Design for Mechanical Recycling


Collaboration between research, industry and education is a long time passion and this drove Cathryn to co-create the Circular Design Lab - an education and teaching platform at CCD, and the There and Back Again  event series with researcher Laetitia Forst. This enabled knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary conversations between students, researchers, and industry in the transition to a circular economy.

Short Course
Mechanical Recycling
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