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Cathryn Anneka Hall is a Designer and researcher that has created a range of  proof-of-concept recycled yarns for commercial use. 

The four recycled yarns created during Cathryn's PhD research and have been: 

  • designed from recycled fibres

  • designed to be recycled again



The Research 

Cathryn's PhD research explored the journey knitted textiles take at the end of use. While exploring the mechanical wool recycling industry (Prato, Italy) she discovered that the cheapest acrylic knitted garments are abundant but worthless as they have no reuse market and are mostly recycled into low value insulation.


Therefore, Cathryn's practice research explored how these recycled acrylic fibres could be designed into knitted clothing once more. It is almost impossible to create new yarns from mechanically recycled fibres without adding some virgin content. Therefore, using the recycled acrylic, Cathryn carefully designed the new yarn blends to ensure that they could not only re-enter the recycling system again, but have a higher value when they did. 

The Yarns 

Working with a UK commission spinner, six recycled yarns were designed specifically for a knitted application and produced for commercial production. 

Each yarn contains 50% recycled acrylic fibres and blended with a variety of different recycled and virgin content in order for Cathryn to explore the potential of this recycled material.

The Simple Yarn 

Deep Navy 

50% Recycled Acrylic - 50% Recycled Polyester 


Designed to represent the simplest and most cost effective yarn on the market. 

The Everyday Yarn 

Deep Navy or Navy/Turquoise Marl

50% Recycled Acrylic - 30% Wool - 20% Recycled Polyester 

2/8Nm and 2/4Nm

Designed to represent a simple everyday product. 

The Lux Yarn 

Rich Navy 

50% Recycled Acrylic - 20% Wool - 10% Recycled Cashmere - 20% Recycled Polyester 


Designed to bring a little luxury to your life. 


The Super Lux 

Navy Tropical 

50% Recycled Acrylic - 50% Mohair-Wool-Cashmere 


Designed to push the luxury content to the max. 

*There is approximately 40kg of each yarn available, except the everyday yarn in which there is 120kg available across colours and counts. 

The Collaboration 

Cathryn is looking for a knitwear designer or brand that would like to use the yarns she has created to produce a knitted product. While the yarn itself  has been designed for the recycling system, the only requirement for the collaboration is that Cathryn will work with you to produce a knitted product that is fully Designed to be Recycled.


Cathryn has already  designed and produced prototypes of knitted jumper, hat and scarf with a UK factory, which could be utilised in the collaboration or a new product could be developed.  Cathryn is looking for a designer or brand that would like to use all the yarns together across one or more designs. 

Why Collaborate?

If you do collaborate with Cathryn, the yarns themselves are free, but logistics and production will be your responsibility.  Working with Cathryn, she will provide information about how to use the yarns so that the final product is fully recyclable, however the design and product type is open.  



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