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Cathryn is finishing her PhD research at Centre for Circular Design (CCD) under Dr Kate Goldsworthy and Professor Becky Earley.

Cathryn is exploring the potential for design to drive a more circular materials economy in which her research focuses on:

Design for Recycling Knitwear 

This spans the cascading, blending and sorting within the textile recycling system. Specialising in wool and acrylic recycling from knitwear, which are difficult to be re-used. The research investigates how we might best design using problematic blended textile fibres so that they can be recycled in the future, towards a more circular future. Cathryn's background as a designer as a knitwear designer in the fashion industry has heavily influenced her research, and includes testing recycled materials at an industrial scale.  



Cathryn previously worked as a research assistant at CCD on the Mistra Future Fashion project. As part this work Cathryn aided the 'Circular Design Speeds' research. 



Cathryn's PhD research would not be possible without the funding from both: 
University of the Arts London Studentship Award & Cotton Textile Research Trust 
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