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Design Researcher and Educator with excellent industry design experience. Cathryn’s practice-based PhD research ‘Design for Recycling Knitwear’ at the Centre for Circular Design explored how we can design with recycled fibre and for future recycling.

Hall, C. A. (2021) ‘Design for Recycling Knitwear: a framework for sorting, blending and cascading in the mechanical textile recycling industry’ PhD Thesis. University of the Arts London.

Forst, L. and Hall, C. (2021) ‘BRIDGING PRACTICE: Design lessons for knowledge exchange between students and research in circular design’ 14th European Academy of Design (EAD) Conference Proceedings 11-16 October, Safe Harbours for Design Research, Online

Hall, C. (2020) ‘TAKING NOTE: Annotated Portfolio as a Method to Analyse the Experience of Design Research Practice’, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, pp. 1–23. doi: 10.1080/20511787.2020.1751960.

Hall, C. (2020) ‘A New Way to Play: Textile recycling and the Circular Economy’, in Earley, R. (ed.) Research Circles: A collection of essays and interviews by researchers at Centre for Circular Design, University of the Arts London. London, UK: Centre for Circular Design, pp. 52–55.

Hall, C. and Earley, R. (2019) ‘Divide, Switch, Blend: exploring two hats for industry entrepreneurship and academic practice-based textile design research’, The Design Journal, 22(sup1), pp. 19–35. doi: 10.1080/14606925.2019.1595848.

Hall, C. (2018) ‘MIXING IT UP IN PRATO: identifying innovation hotspots within mechanical textile recycling’, in Global Fashion Conference. What’s Going On? A discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability, London: GFC 2018

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