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Trained as a knitted textile designer, Cathryn returned to research in 2016, after four years in industry, completing her Masters in Sustainable Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts (University of the Arts London). Cathryn joined the Centre for Circular Design (CCD) as research assistant in 2017 working on the Swedish based Mistra Future Fashion project. Since 2018 Cathryn is  undertaking a full time practice based PhD with CCD, under Dr Kate Goldsworthy and Prof Rebecca Earley.

Cathryn's PhD research proposes a design-led approach to the development of mechanical recycling for blended materials to provide solutions for a circular economy. It addresses the limitation of both the chemical and mechanical industry’s use of high-quality and mono-material inputs as the only approach to producing high-value outputs.


Global Fashion Conference - 2018
MIXING IT UP IN PRATO: MIXING IT UP IN PRATO: identifying innovation hotspots within mechanical textile recycling 
FutureScan 4: Valuing Practice - 2019
TAKING NOTE: Annotated portfolio as a method to analyse the experience of design research practice in industry

The Design Journal - Volume 22, 2019 - Issue sup1: Running with Scissors: EAD Conference

Divide, Switch, Blend: wearing two hats for industry entrepreneurship and academic practice-based textile design research
Cathryn's PhD research would not be possible without the funding from both: 
University of the Arts London Studentship Award & Cotton Textile Research Trust 
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