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Looking for Circular Design Expertise?


Cathryn has a background working as a commercial knitwear designer in the fast-fashion industry, working for both brands and suppliers for long and short lead times. This experience gives Cathryn the perfect grounding for working with industry to disseminate her expertise in circular and recycled textiles. 


Cathryn current teaches UAL Short Course - Design for Sustainability: Fashion and Textiles as part of the CCD team. This covers the complex terrain of sustainability and identifies workable ideas for systemic change within the textile industry. This is attended by a range of independent and industry designers.

Cathryn has had experience whilst research assistant at Centre for Circular Design working with Fillipa K as part of the Mistra Future Fashion consortium. This project was lead by Becky Earley and Kate Goldsworthy. You can read more about the project HERE.


From working with the Centre for Circular Design and carrying out her PhD research Cathryn has developed expertise in: 

Circular Design 

Design for Mechanical Textile Recycling 

Challenges of Textile Blends 

Design for Cascading 

If you are looking for consultancy in any of these areas please feel free to get in touch. 


Whether you are looking for 


please don't hesitate to get in touch:

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