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Anneka Textiles follows design-researcher Cathryn Anneka as she understands the problems of the textile industry's generation of vast waste and how we can best recycle the most problematic blended fibres.


Cathryn is currently undertaking a PhD at

Centre for Circular Design - UAL Chelsea, researching mechanical textile recycling system, process and design. The materials Cathryn is developing are made from waste knitwear and produced with a British supply chain. Follow the journey to the circular fibres of the future....

Cathryn co-established 'There and Back Again' event series with PhD researcher Laetitia Forst. As well as runs Circular Design Lab discussion group 'Exploring Circles'.

Collaborate with Cathryn. Whether you are looking for talks, workshops or recycling consultancy - please don't hesitate to get in touch:




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